Reginald T., Sr. Clinical Research Associate

The OnPoint recruiter and account manager worked together seamlessly to understand my needs, manage my expectations, and communicate the details of the opportunity so I could make an informed decision that was best for me. I’m truly grateful for their assistance during this transition. 

Suresh D., Clinical Trial Support Specialist 

OnPoint recruiters are incredibly informed. They presented positions I never would have considered without their introduction, and they also shared detailed insight about the client opportunity, culture and advancement potential. They were career advisors, not just recruiters looking to make a placement. 

Shanell R., Sr. Regulatory Medical Writer 

I was quite impressed with my OnPoint recruiter’s knowledge and understanding of clinical research. Her insight and wisdom gave me confidence and reassurance. I would definitely recommend OnPoint to anyone considering a job change in clinical research. 

Kevin K., Drug Safety Associate 

Having worked with other recruiters, I’d have to say OnPoint is at the top of my list. Each member of the organization was very professional and available to help me secure opportunities. They provided great feedback and assistance along the way. I would highly recommend OnPoint to anyone. 

David R., Regional Clinical Research Associate 

OnPoint Consulting has helped me tremendously! I can’t thank them enough for all they have done for me. Their staff is very professional and experienced in getting people into their dream careers. It has been a pleasure working with them, and I would highly recommend them to a friend.

Isabella R., Regulatory Affairs Project Manager 

I was thoroughly impressed with the OnPoint team. From the moment I was introduced to each member of this organization, I was treated with professionalism, honesty and integrity—great group of industry insiders.