Our Story 

Serving with expertise and enthusiasm.

It Begins With Our Unique Approach

There are a few recruiting agencies that can boast a team with 15-20 years of clinical research staffing experience. Even fewer firms have the critical trait separating top producers from the rest of the crowd: ENTHUSIASM.

Some call it passion, grit, determination, or vivacity, but the fact remains: To excel in the people business, you must be enthusiastic about the people and the research. Our enthusiasm for clinical research motivates and inspires us to persist when everyone else has given up. Our enthusiasm for people drives us to truly understand the career goals of our talented candidates to help better the lives of those who dedicate their careers to our shared goals.

Any leader in the staffing industry will tell you that the concept of recruiting is simple, but successful execution is not easy. With over 20 years in the clinical research industry, our leadership team created OnPoint to unite our enthusiasm for clinical research with our proven success in identifying and qualifying the best talent in the industry to help life-bettering drugs come to market sooner. Enthusiasm drives effort, putting in the extra hours, having additional conversations, and conducting additional research to better understand the current and ever-changing trends within clinical research.

Most importantly, enthusiasm is contagious! OnPoint’s mission is to better the lives of the clinical research professionals who dedicate their careers to our shared goal of getting life-bettering drugs to market sooner. We love what we do, we find value in our cause, and we look forward to sharing our successes with our clients, candidates, and the clinical research industry.