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Follow the Headhunter Guide: theheadhunterguide.wordpress.com

Follow the Headhunter Guide: theheadhunterguide.wordpress.com

The Headhunter Guide is an insider’s “instruction manual” into the staffing industry.

Like any product, the better you know how it works, the easier it becomes to operate and the more you can reap the benefits of the service. In a complex industry that builds companies and changes lives, having the partnership of agency recruiters can give you the upper hand by either:

a) Cutting the line by either having your CV sit neatly on top of the pile of applicants on the hiring manager’s desk or flagged as first to review in their email, thus increasing your chances of landing an interview

b) Having a tactical team working you’re your behalf to penetrate and radiate your competition to attract the best talent to your group, department, or company

According the American Staffing Association (www.americanstaffing.net) the staffing and recruiting industry was $150 Billion industry in 2016 which grew from $81 Billion in 2009. On average more than 3 million temp/contract employees were on assignment during an average week with a total of 15 million temp and contract employees hired each year. Add this to the number of permanent or direct hire vacancies placed by agencies and you can see the impact agency staffing has on the US economy.

During the weeks ahead I plan on shedding light on industry trends, best practices, and our dirty little secrets to help:

1. Job seekers better understand and better utilize the services of agency recruiters in order to secure the best job possible by beating out your competition, getting the best possible offer, and blowing your career goals and expectations out of the water.

2. Employers better understand the inner workings of our industry in order to:

a. Decide whether or not (or when) to utilize a staffing agency

b. And, if you are looking to add an agency, how to navigate the sea of over-promising and under-delivering, aka time and money wasting, recruiters to find the top producing team of world class sniping headhunters who have access to the type of talent your competitors can only dream of attracting.

Stay tuned each Wednesday for a new topic.

Next Week’s Topic: Why do companies use agencies when they have their own recruiters?

For any suggestions on future topics either connect with me on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/alexbenjamin) or email: clinstaffing@gmail.com

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