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  • Why Do Companies Use Agencies When They Have Their Own Recruiters?

    Follow the Headhunter Guide: theheadhunterguide.wordpress.com Why did US Based companies spend $150B in 2016 on staffing agencies when they have their own internal recruiters? To better answer this question it makes sense to understand why companies hire in the first place. For simplicity, there are two main reasons, attrition (replacing people who have le...

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  • Follow the Headhunter Guide: theheadhunterguide.wordpress.com

    Follow the Headhunter Guide: theheadhunterguide.wordpress.com

    The Headhunter Guide is an insider’s “instruction manual” into the staffing industry. Like any product, the better you know how it works, the easier it becomes to operate and the more you can reap the benefits of the service. In a complex industry that builds companies and changes lives, having the partnership of agency recruiters can give you the upper...

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  • Performance, Performance, Performance: 3 KPI’s for Staffing

    KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators have been around for some time now and informed clients have been using them to measure the effectiveness of their staffing vendors with great success. This type of scorecard approach enables both the staffing vendor and client to assess performance, open up discussions on how to better their programs, talk about compe...

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  • The First Three Questions I Ask

    Great Recruiters know time is their most precious commodity so they maximize every minute of every day. Part of maximizing efficiency is a thorough understanding of what makes a good fit for our clients and our candidates. Not only do we need to make sure someone is interested in our opportunity, but we also need to make sure they are qualified (one of...

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  • 4 Reasons CRA’s Leave

    Today’s CRA job market is a candidate driven market. With 15 years in the Clinical Research Staffing industry I would hazard to guess things may not be this way forever, but until then talented CRA’s can pick and choose their assignments.  One of the reasons many companies need to hire CRA’s is due to turnover within their own organizations. Turnover ...

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